One Little Christmas Tree

One Little Christmas Tree

Christmas is a widely-celebrated event all over the world and there are a lot of different ways that people celebrate this wonderful season. However, one thing remains common for all these celebrations, they all have Christmas carols. Music is a key element in keeping the atmosphere of Christmas festive and Christmas carols are an excellent way for people to join in the joy of celebrating.

There are a lot of Christmas carols and it is interesting to find out about their history, how they were composed and who composed or sang them. Today, we feature a Christmas Tree Classics song called “One Little Christmas Tree”. This song was made popular by Stevie Wonder and is a staple Christmas song for many Christmas parties.

Stevie Wonder

Born Stevland Judkins but known by his more famous stage name as Stevie Wonder. The singer-songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist was born in Michigan and was discovered by Ronnie White of the band The Miracles. He was impressed by Stevie’s talent and encouraged Motown records CEO Barry Gordy to sign him to a contract. Gordy saw the talent in Stevie and signed him up under the Motown’s Tamla Label. The singer-songwriter has remained loyal to the record label and is still currently signed with them to this day.

His remarkable talent earned him the nickname “eighth wonder of the world”. As was typical of the time, his birth name was too long and awkward, so they gave him the stage name Little Stevie Wonder. A couple of years later the word “Little” was dropped from his name and he has since been known as Stevie Wonder.

“One Little Christmas” is a one of the more popular Christmas recordings from Stevie Wonder and the song is sung in his trademark soulful style.

Song Versions

The song “One Little Christmas Tree” has been remade into a number versions. Tina Arena, a popular 90s singer, has her own version of the song. Ten-year-old singing sensation, Oliver Richman, also has a version of the song. It is interesting to note that it was Richman’s grandfather, multi-awarded Motown songwriter Ron Miller, who wrote the lyrics to “One Little Christmas Tree”.

Melody of the Song

The intro for “One Little Christmas Tree” starts slow, but the tempo of the song speeds up towards the chorus and takes on a nice upbeat melody throughout.

Meaning of the Song

One little Christmas tree was standing alone
Waiting for someone to come by
One little Christmas tree that never had grown
Cried as he looked up to the sky

Oh please Mr. Father tree, the tallest of all
I'm so afraid and alone
Could one little Christmas tree so tiny and small
Light up someone's home 'cause

One little Christmas tree can light up a home
So one little child can find a toy
One little Christmas tree can light up a home
So one little heart can find some joy

The song begins a bit melancholy as one small Christmas tree wishes to be the light in someone’s home. It calls out to a Father tree, perhaps a higher being, which can help it fulfill its dream of giving light and joy to a happy family on Christmas. We can say that this is a small tree that is big on good intentions.

One little angel who was riding a star
Cried as she looked down at the tree
Oh please Mr. Father tree wherever you are

May I give him the star you gave to me
Then in the heavens came a voice from afar
A voice that was heard throughout the world
Go down little angel girl and give him your star
Tonight he'll light the world 'cause

One little Christmas tree can light up the world
So those who are lost may find their way
One little Christmas tree can light up the world
So all men may see you on Christmas Day

In the second part of the song, we see another scene unfolding, that of an angel who notices the little Christmas tree and wishes to help it with the light of her star. She is given permission to lend her star so that the tree may light up the world. Together with the angel, the tree lights up Christmas so that those who need to find their way can be guided safely home and peace may reign in the world.

While the song has a somber tone, the lyrics take on a more positive meaning as it progresses and moves forward. It manages to capture in essence the Christmas spirit of providing joy and cheer.