Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for the Traveler Christmas is a time that reunites family and friends during parties, reunions, gatherings, and homecomings. Small wonder airlines, buses, and other modes of transport become fully booked during the holidays, thanks to travelers on their way to join Christmas celebrations with family all over the world. People who do a lot of traveling have been known to spend some Christmases in transit.

When choosing presents for them, always keep long trips and voyage-related considerations in mind and how these presents can make holiday flights, rides, and cruises more enjoyable. Below are seven Christmas gift suggestions for the seasoned traveler.

1. Traveler’s checks

Traveler’s checks are issued in various currencies by financial institutions for use in the place of cash by people on vacation and trips to faraway places. They have allocated serial numbers so they can be easily replaced if lost, damaged, or stolen. Some companies like American Express have recently launched a stored value card version of the traveler’s check, which can be used in the same way as a credit card in many shops and services all over the world. Getting traveler’s checks or a pre-paid debit card for a favorite traveler will surely make their holiday voyages more convenient and worry-free.

2. Hand-held video camera

Traveling almost always means seeing breathtaking sights, viewing memorable landmarks, and documenting the various ways Christmas can be celebrated in different parts of the globe. During Christmas tree time, consider getting a family member or a friend a hand-held video camera such as a Flip Camcorder, which conveniently runs on two AA batteries, can record an hour’s worth of footages, and is small enough to be slipped into a pocket. It is easy to operate and can upload video clips in a snap.

3. Bags for laptops and other electronics

Expensive techie gadgets and electronics must be well protected during travels. Address this need by presenting luggage specifically designed to hold laptops, cameras, MP3 players, and other pieces of equipment that can easily get damaged with much airport and baggage compartment handling. When shopping for gifts for holiday travelers, think about camera cases, backpacks with laptop compartments, and gadget bags that can either be slung over the shoulder or fastened around the waist for security and convenience.

4. Baby travel gear

Parents who often travel with their kids are bound to appreciate this particular gift idea. Put together a travel pack that includes disposable diapers, a hooded blanket, baby wipes, small rattles and hand-held baby toys, onesies, baby bottles, and other important items for an infant’s hygiene, entertainment, and nutritional needs while traveling. The items in the pack do not necessarily have to match; in fact, hand picking things to put in the gear adds a personal and caring touch to the gift.

5. Christmas-themed toiletries travel kit

Adults also need grooming and hygiene tools while traveling. For a festive holiday touch, purchase Christmas-themed grooming items like small combs, brushes, toothbrushes, hand towels, toilet rolls, shampoo and liquid soap bottles in the shape of Christmas trees or Santa Claus, and other similar items and put them in a conveniently sized kit.

6. Wireless reading gadgets

Pocketbooks can prove to be cumbersome to carry, so think about giving a loved one who constantly goes on trips a slender wireless reading gadget such as a Kindle, instead. It is as thin as a magazine and lighter than a paperback yet has the capacity to hold the text of over a thousand books. Most models feature 3G wireless coverage and have a battery life of over a week, making them perfect reading material for airports and bus stations.

7. Luggage tracker tags

These small but very useful items are bound to make any seasoned traveler happy and less anxious on trips. The Trace Me luggage tracker tag comes with a serial number that can be registered on the product website, so that anywhere that luggage ends up, the owner can trace it by matching the details on the site. At just around $13, this is one small item that can make any traveler smile during the holiday season.

Finding the right gift for a globe trotter is not that difficult. With the right combination of imagination and creativity, you can get the perfect gift for someone who has seen the world.