Outdoor Lover Gifts

Outdoor Lover GiftsEach year we spend hours drafting our Christmas gifts list. We try as much as possible to come up with the best presents that will complement the interests of people dear to us. Often, we fumble and make mistakes.

Some folks are simply difficult to fathom and buying them gifts is synonymous to deciphering a World War II secret code. Then, there are the outdoor enthusiasts. What sets them apart from the rest of the folks on your list is that they may be quite easy to please. There are several items available that’s certain to put a smile on their faces come Christmas tree time.

For a simpler and trouble-free Christmas shopping, check-out our list of recommended gifts for the outdoor lover.

Gift Certificates

It may appear too impersonal, but there’s logic to it. Outdoor enthusiasts can be too picky about their gear thus; gift certificates will allow them to select items suited precisely to their needs.

Thermal underwear

Whether your outdoor enthusiast loves to bike, fish or hike; a nice set of thermal underwear will keep them warm or cool. With this gift, they’ll feel more comfortable when trekking or exploring the great outdoors.


A sturdy and stylish backpack is a useful and practical gift for the outdoor lover. A suitable backpack will help keep the outdoor enthusiast organized and prepared for whatever he or she encounters along the adventure trail. When selecting a backpack, choose one with several compartments and are made from water-resistant material.

Waterproof Binoculars

Ideal for the much beloved fishing enthusiast, this outdoor equipment is resistant to both salt and fresh water. They are also engineered to deliver crystal clear images, making it a must have for the serious outdoor adventurer.

Electronic Gadgets and other vital gear

If you can afford it, splurge a little and get a nifty digital compass or digital camera for the camper. Other items such as a heavy duty flashlight would also come in handy. Choose a flashlight with LED bulbs as they last longer and consume less battery power.

National Geographic Wildlife Documentaries

In case you want to keep your outdoor enthusiast near you for a change; get the National Geographic’s Wildlife video series. If the outdoor lover has to stay indoors, the videos would help keep off boredom and give them something to plan on their next trip. Besides, watching the videos with your outdoor enthusiast is the perfect moment to snuggle and share quality time together.

We hope that these gift ideas will help you go through that seemingly painstaking business of buying Christmas gifts. Christmas is for everyone and your favorite outdoor enthusiast should experience the joy of the season as well.