Geeky Gifts

Geeky GiftsA geek is described as an enthusiast or a person who is highly knowledgeable about a particular field of interest or area of study. There are different types of geeks and not one word can stereotype or describe the diversity of this group of people. However, all of them have one thing in common; they are very involved in whatever it is that they are interested in. Often with vast collections from their favorite icons or with expanded knowledge on the latest events in technology, it is always interesting to find a Christmas gift for the geek.

Here are some geeky gift suggestions for them during the Christmas season. We understand that holiday gift giving can be a little bit of challenge so we here at Christmas tree time present to you some geeky gifts that are sure to put a smile on their faces on Christmas day.

Tech Geek

Up-to-date with all the technology trends out there in the market, the tech geek is highly interested in anything related to technology. They definitely know their Linux from their MAC OS and can go on an extended discussion with you about the benefits of each operating system. Here are some cool gifts to give the tech geek.

  1. Casing for Gadgets. The tech geek is interested in anything related to technology and usually has all the latest gadgets. These gadgets are important to the tech geek. Surprise them this Christmas with a cool gift that can keep their gadgets safe. Gadget casings come in all sorts of designs and colors making it easier for you to select a nice gift that will fit your tech geek’s personality.
  2. External Hard Drive. One thing about tech geeks is their need for large digital storage space. An external hard drive is a great gift because it is portable and is capable of storing large amounts of data. This gadget is a tech geek essential because it makes for an excellent back-up drive and a reliable storage system.
  3. Wireless Pocket Internet Router. The tech geek is on the internet 24/7. A wireless pocket router is a great gift for the tech geek because it keeps him connected and up-to-date with the latest tech news even while on the go.

Gamer Geek

The gamer geek is an extreme game enthusiast who unwinds with a good game on the PS 3, Xbox or Wii. He knows the difference between Ubisoft and EA Games, and can play video games for hours on end. The gamer geek is transported into a different world when he holds a PS 3, Wii or Xbox game console. Surprise the gamer in your life with one of the gifts below.

  1. Retro Game Shirt. A gamer geek starts their passion with gaming early on. Put a smile on that gamer geek’s face when you gift him with a t-shirt from one of his favorite computer games from childhood. There are a lot of shirt designs to choose from ranging from Tetris to Pac Man and the Super Mario Brothers.
  2. Gaming Console. The goldmine of every gamer geek’s treasure chest, a gaming console is a great gift for the extreme gamer. Choose from the Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Make everyday feel like Christmas day for the gamer geek with these cool gaming consoles.
  3. Limited Edition Video Game. A gamer geek often has a favorite game that they play. The more popular video games usually come up with Collector’s item editions of the games. Surprise them with a collectible and help them add to their growing collection of great video games.

Sports Geek

The sports geek is an avid sports fan of a particular team. Be it football, basketball, or hockey, the sports geek knows the game inside and out. For the sports geek, a sports game is not just a game, but a lifestyle. Want a great gift for the sports geek? Here are some of them.

  1. Video Game. Surprise the sports geek with a cool video game that lets them simulate playing as their favorite athlete. There is a wide range of sports video games out there for the different athletic sports. Choose from football, soccer, hockey and golf games that are guaranteed to provide hours of fun for the sports geek.
  2. Jersey of their Favorite Team. The sports geek wears his team colors loud and proud. A sports jersey of their favorite team is a gift that the sports geek is sure to appreciate. Nothing says “I belong to the team” more clearly than a sports geek wearing his team’s jersey.
  3. Season Tickets. Tickets can be hard to come by when a team has a big game. This Christmas, sponsor a sports geek’s season tickets to all the games as a gift. Get the sports geek excited months before the season even starts with season tickets.

We’ve enumerated some gifts that the geek may want to receive this Christmas. There are a lot of other choices out there. But the best part to remember when picking a gift is to be creative about it.