Gifts for the Fashionista

Gifts for the FashionistaHandbag matches shoes - check. Coat matches handbag and shoes - check. Always on top of trends and ever fashion forward, the fashionista is both an interesting and a challenging person to give a gift to. She knows exactly what’s in and what’s not, and has her sights set on her favorite brand’s next collection or her favorite magazine’s fearless fashion forecast.

As Christmas is fast approaching, make Christmas tree time more interesting with a great gift for the fashionista. There are, however, a lot of fashionista types. They are as diverse as the fashion choices available out there and each has their own style preferences. Here is a helpful list for what a particular fashionista might like.

Classic and Elegant Fashionista

The classic and elegant fashionista is a fan of classic styles, sleek silhouettes and timeless pieces. Her wardrobe is beautiful and stands the test of time. So what can you give this classy woman for Christmas? Here are some suggestions.

  1. The Little Black Dress. A staple in any woman’s wardrobe, the little black dress is the epitome of classic fashion. Pair it up with a necklace and beautiful heeled-shoes and she’s all set to go on a glamorous evening dinner. The little black dress is a favorite because of its versatility. It goes perfectly with almost anything and can be used for almost any occasion.
  2. A sleek clutch bag. A clutch bag is a small to medium-sized handbag that is usually rectangular in shape. It has a short handle and is meant to be carried in the hand. Perfect as an accessory to the little black dress, the clutch bag is great way to flaunt excellent fashion sensibility.
  3. IPad or iPod touch. Research shows that women are common users of handheld touch screen technology gadgets. The iPad or iPod touch is a great gift for a woman with a classic sense of style. The gadget is crafted with fine, sleek lines that make it not only a functional handheld gadget but also a beautiful fashion statement.

Grunge Chic

The grunge chic is usually a fashion forward look that can also be called street fashion. It’s like dressing up to the roar of rock and roll. The grunge look is usually a deconstructed t-shirt paired up with a studded bracelet, gray denims and boots. The grunge chic sports a rocker vibe and here are some gifts you can surprise her with.

  1. Acid wash jeans. Acid wash is a way of treating any kind of fabric, usually denim, in order to give it a faded or dyed-out look. Faded jeans are great with a deconstructed t-shirt of her favorite band and leather boots. Acid washed jeans are somewhat of a staple in the grunge chic’s wardrobe and can be worn with different kinds of tops and paired with a lot of shoes.
  2. Satchel with Unique Detail. Nothing says grunge quite loudly as a satchel with an interesting design does. Usually a medium to large-sized bag, the satchel comes with a strap and is worn on the shoulder. The grunge look is best accessorized with a satchel made of soft leather or cloth material. A unique design with interesting embellishments on the satchel is always a great fashion choice for the chic who loves rock and roll.
  3. Camera. Usually, but not always, the grunge chic is a smart lady with an artistic side. With a passion for the arts, a camera is an excellent way for her to capture the world as she sees is and share it with people. Encourage her to explore her creative side with a multi-functional camera that is not only fully equipped but also stylish.

Boho Chic

The Boho chic is a fashion statement inspired by the Bohemian lifestyle. Reminiscent of the relaxed Bohemian culture, the Boho chic’s wardrobe is characterized by long and flowing clothing in pastel colors. Fashion is light and airy with breezy clothes made in textile with a smooth and flowing characteristic to it. The Boho chic is a no-nonsense fashionista who dresses for both comfort and style.

  1. Tiered Skirt. This long skirt is an essential element in the Boho look. Usually made of cotton, the skirt reaches the ankles and moves with flair as the wearer walks or moves around. Comparatively speaking, the tiered skirt is a Boho chic’s little black dress. It can be paired with a simple white camisole and accessorized with colorful bangles.
  2. Tote bag made out of eco-friendly material. A perfect addition to the Boho chic’s wardrobe is a good and sturdy tote bag. The tote bag is a large bag with a medium sized strap. It can be worn on the shoulder or held by the hand. It is a fashion statement in itself and what better gift to give than stylish tote bag that is also made of environment friendly material? A great gift overall for the environmentally aware and chic fashionista.
  3. Music Player. Music is soothing to the soul. Get your Boho chic a music player so that she can listen to her favorite songs even while on the go. Music players now are usually equipped with other additional features that can be useful for everyday living. These music players come in all shapes colors and sizes, making them a perfect addition to her pastel colored wardrobe.

Regardless of what type of gift you choose to give a fashionista, always remember that the most fashionable gift is a gift that is well thought of. The perfect accessory to go with the fashionable gift you’ll be giving is to spend time with your stylish loved one. You have to be there as she delights in the beautiful gift that you have carefully selected for her. Bring the Christmas cheer and celebrate with joy.