Top 10 Christmas Getaways


Top 10 Christmas GetawaysChristmas for many folks is a chance to get away. Whether it is the opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones or simply to treasure your alone time, taking that much awaited Christmas vacation is the antidote to the stress of the whole year.

Thus, whether seeking to break free from the hustle and bustle of the season or choosing to bask in the glow of the holidays; Treetime Christmas has put together a list of destinations that is sure to make the Holidays a jolly one.

10. Sagada, Philippines

The Philippines has the reputation of having the longest Christmas celebration in the world. If one is trying to steer clear of the trappings of the season, the Philippines may not be the ideal spot to visit. Outside the country’s capital, however, celebrations may be a little subdued.

Those who prefer the sun can go for one of its beaches while those who are interested in culture and history can visit the country’s highlands such as Sagada. This is a small, tranquil community high above the Cordillera Mountains. Aside from its wealth of natural beauty, folks can also visit the Hanging Coffins for a glimpse of the region’s rich pre-Christian heritage.

9. Sydney, Australia

Speaking of beaches, folks should definitely try a different kind of Christmas. Without snow and Jack Frost nipping at your nose, Christmas in Sydney is synonymous to barbecues, the beach and the sun.

It’s not exactly a “white” Christmas, but one can still feel the Christmas spirit with its annual Christmas Parade and carols by the sea. Sydney proves that it does not take tons of heavy warm clothing to celebrate the season.

8. Bali, Indonesia

Bali is another snow-free destination and, surprisingly, despite the fact that the region is predominantly Hindu, Christmas is celebrated with as much revelry as their Hindu festivals. The difference is that instead of a pine tree, one can use palm leaves decorated with flowers as a Christmas tree.

The friendly nature of the people, the sound of the waves and the pleasant smell of Indonesian cuisine make Bali a nice retreat from the cold of December.

7. Berlin, Germany

Visit Berlin around Christmas and you will be treated to its famous Christmas Markets. Not only do visitors get a dose of Christmas magic but they will also find a host of lovely gift items.

Nestled in the heart of the city, Berlin’s beautiful architecture provide an enchanting backdrop to the market. Afterwards, one can drop by at one of the many pubs to enjoy their world class beer.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark

Like the rest of Northern Europe, Copenhagen celebrates Christmas with myriad festivities. The season is officially welcomed with beer tasting in the city’s Nyahn district and what follows are colorful events and activities in places like the Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market.

Another area to visit is the hippie district of Christiana. Folks who are searching for unique, handcrafted gift ideas will find them here.

5. Kaikoura, New Zealand

If you’re searching for the perfect, sunny get away – this part of New Zealand is your best bet. There isn’t any snow or reindeer, but one will be fascinated with the abundance of life in and along its pristine beaches. Albatrosses, sperm whales, dolphins and seals call this home. It is an eco-friendly destination that is sure to fascinate tourists. It does not look a lot like Christmas, but basking in the beautiful creation can be a spiritual experience.

4. New York, USA

To many, Christmas won’t be quite complete without the dazzling lights of Rockefeller Center. Aside from the annual lighting of its Christmas tree, the center is home to posh shopping areas and an ice skating ring. As a break from the Christmas glee, one can take a quiet moment and wander through Central Park.

3. Bethlehem, Palestine

Those who are searching for a more reflective get away can visit Bethlehem, Palestine. This is where one can truly get in touch with the origin of the season.

As the birthplace of three major religions, this is a deeply religious area teeming with so much history. While one should practice caution as Palestine is a volatile region, those who have gone can attest to the exceptional experience of a visiting Palestine.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Those who prefer a more secular Christmas should go and visit Tokyo. Regarded by the Japanese as a more Valentine-esque affair, Christmas is celebrated with much kitsch.

Impressive light displays, strawberry shortcakes and greeting cards dominate the day. Whether travelling with kids, a partner or all by your lonesome, take time to visit Sanrioland and the Hello Kitty theme park. These spots are quit delightful and will get anyone in touch with their inner child.

1. Lapland, Finland

The ultimate in Christmas wonder can be found in Lapland, Finland. This destination is great not only for children but for adults as well. Regarded as the closest thing to the North Pole, one can ride reindeers, snow mobiles and if one is lucky – get to meet the guy in the red suit. Whether one believes in Santa Claus or not, Lapland can easily put a spell on visitors.

In planning this year’s Christmas get away, keep this list in mind when you make your decision. Christmas comes only once a year and the best get-away spot is one that will suit your needs and expectations.

It may be fun, quiet or it may even be outlandish. The most important thing to remember is to discover, explore and keep the mind open to the possibilities.