Top 10 Christmas Light Shows

Top 10 Christmas Light ShowsChristmas is a festive holiday celebration that comes around once every year. A holiday that most people look forward to, Christmas is the time to break out the decorations and go all out with the festivities. Christmas lights are probably the most visible element of Christmas. It is the season to be creative and don’t these folks know it. Tree Time Christmas is proud to present to you some of the most spectacular Christmas light shows around the United States this past Christmas.

10. Hyatt Residence, Fort Lauderdale

This residential home in Fort Lauderdale used up approximately 150, 000 Christmas lights to showcase a wonderful Christmas scene at the front of their home. The Hyatts who have made a yearly tradition of creating a beautiful lights display during Christmas brought their A-game this year. Dubbed the Hyatt Extreme Christmas, their front lawn is a scene to behold when the lights go up. For the Hyatts, decorating is a family tradition and their Hyatt home is now a landmark in Ft. Lauderdale.

9. National Christmas Tree, Washington D.C.

The National Christmas Tree stands near the White House and is a nice sight to see during Christmastime in D.C. Today, the lighting is a national event broadcast across the country, but the tradition of lighting up a Christmas tree on the White House grounds started in 1923 with President Calvin Coolidge. A path, called the Pathway to Peace, is lit with different Christmas decorations leading up to the National Christmas Tree.

8. Main Street, Branson, Missouri

Main Street, a theme park in Branson, Missouri produces a spectacular lights display that begins with a light and sound show and a daily tree lighting ceremony. The highlight of the festivity is a five story high Christmas tree which lights up and flickers to the tune of Christmas songs. A Gifts of Christmas Holiday Light parade also lights up the streets twice every evening during the Christmas month.

7. Disney's Hollywood Studios

The Disney Studios lights display is a beautiful show of artistic flair and design. Known for its magnificent light shows, a Disney Christmas is a burst of glittering lights. The lights show is choreographed to flicker and brighten to the tune of Christmas songs. The lights alternately dim and grow back brighter every 10 minutes during the show. These beautiful lights enliven the streets of Disney while keeping the Christmas mood festive.

6. Huntington Beach, California

The Huntington Beach harbor is a vast collection of Christmas lights from nearby residential homes lining the beach front. The water reflects the glow of beautiful Christmas lights making this a truly dazzling display. Visitors can opt for a Huntington Harbor Cruise of Lights to enjoy the Christmas lights display from the estates of Huntington Beach.

5. Rockefeller Center, New York City

A towering Norway spruce tree, covered in 30,000 dazzling Christmas lights with a Swarovski crystal star on top has been an iconic figure in the Rockefeller Center. The Christmas spirit is very much present in the plaza as thousands of people gather to witness the lighting up of the tree.

4. Shadrack Water Sports Complex, Knoxville, Tennessee

This water sports complex in West Knoxville, Tennessee has one of the most interesting and spectacular Christmas lights displays in the country. The hillside complex features a beautiful light display during the Christmas season. Dancing Christmas lights are choreographed to move to the tune of holiday music and visitors get the chance to experience a marvelous lights show from the Shadrack Water Sports Complex.

3. 34th Street, Baltimore

Dubbed as the “Miracle on 34th Street”, a row of houses along Baltimore, Maryland put together a unique lights display every Christmas. 34th street has earned the nickname “Christmas Street” for its interesting lighting designs. Each home is decorated to follow a theme. Among the notable designs include a home decorated with Christmas trees made out of hubcaps and another home had trains chugging around on the rooftop. These Baltimore natives also perform their own ball drop on New Year’s Eve.

2. Oglebay's Winter Festival of Lights, Wheeling, West Virginia

A resort in Wheeling, West Virginia is home to one of the largest Christmas lights display in the country. Visitors take a 6-mile drive through a stretch of dazzling Christmas lights which line up the path. They pass through a tunnel with twinkling snowflakes, a 60-foot poinsettia wreath and a light display featuring Snoopy and the other characters from Peanuts. Visitors are then welcomed into a garden area illuminated with baskets of hanging light, beautifully lighted Christmas trees and a artistically rendered Nativity Scene.

1. Lake Lanier, Georgia

A 7-mile tour called the “World’s Largest Light Extravaganza” is found at Lake Lanier in Georgia. The tour begins with a display of Santa Claus, his elves, reindeers and other memorable Christmas characters. The tour ends at the Holiday Village where children can visit Santa’s workshop or take a pony ride. The lights display may be toured by foot, on a golf cart or by car.

Visit one of these light shows this Christmas and be reminded that Christmas is a time of cheer and joy.