Sports Lover Gifts


Sports Lover Gifts The Christmas holidays signal in cold weather, dazzling lights and décor, rich feasts, thick garments, and yes, winter sports for the fans and replays of the year’s best games for non-winter athletic events. Those who have sports lovers on their gift list may have to do a bit of research as to what teams they support, the players they idolize, the sort of gear they would be glad to have, and other considerations.

One thing is for sure, though; giving a sports fan a Christmas gift with a sporty theme may pose a challenge like any game, but when accomplished the right way, can be quite rewarding in the end. Consider these seven holiday gift ideas for the sports lover.

1. Custom bobble head figurines of their favorite sports personality

They may be cliché collectible presents, but even non-collectors are bound to get a kick out of a small sculptural representation of their favorite sports celebrity with a head that bobs up and down. They are fun to display at home in a special shelf, or attach to a car’s dashboard to amuse passengers in traffic and on long haul travels. Some toy companies, like McFarlane, already carry sports action figures including bobble head ones, but some specialty stores offer the option to have figures custom made by special order. It would be amusing to have the face of a friend or family member who is a sports buff translated into a bobble head and wearing their team’s colors!

2. Season tickets with good seating

Every true sports enthusiast knows how difficult it is to obtain season tickets with good seats. So, surprise them by booking in advance and presenting them a few days before the event. It is a good idea to do some research prior to purchasing tickets, as they can get pricey especially during Christmas tree time. Canvass for the best prices online and in print media before buying season tickets. Wrap them up with bright ribbon or stuff them in a Christmas stocking before presenting them.

3. Miniature fridge containing beer, soda, and other sports-associated snacks

Very important people in one’s life who like sports deserve something nicer than just typical sports-related paraphernalia. Consider getting them a miniature fridge stocked with refreshments for TV sports channel viewing like beer, soda, dips for chips and buffalo wings. Then, if the budget allows it, throw in a reclining chair in colors that match the mini-fridge, as well.

4. A ticket stub journal

Sports fanatics undoubtedly purchase front row seat tickets to the best games and have photo albums or gigs upon gigs of memorable sports moments. Get them a ticket stub diary or journal with inserts for tickets, pictures, and other souvenirs from sports events like programs, small pennants, and flyers. The site, Uncommon Goods, has some nice ticket stub journals that feature clear plastic sleeves and lined acid-free note paper. An alternative project that invests time, a very small budget, and inclination is to make a loved one a scrapbook filled with their favorite sports souvenir and mementos, and lovingly present it to them at Christmas.

5. Full-color sports coffee table books

Avid fans of football, basketball, hockey, golf, and other games are the best recipients of coffee table books containing full color pictures and text of some of the best moments in sports. There are some that feature mostly photographs with some descriptive text and captions, and others that are written by authors who truly love sports, as well. Either way, getting a loved one who is into sports a coffee table book or even documentary DVDs and movies about sports and its celebrated figures is sure to be a highly appreciated holiday gesture. Scout around for the best ones to buy at Amazon and other online and real-space book stores.

6. Special sports editions of popular board games

There are now sports versions of much loved board games like Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Chronology, and others. They make for fun and stimulating gatherings when no exciting sports event is scheduled live or on television. Amazon sells Major League Baseball editions of Monopoly which is customizable because players can choose their favorite among the 22 Major League baseball teams to play with. Gifts like these are bound to be memorable Christmas time keepsakes.

7. Gear and souvenir items of their favorite teams

Basketball or football jerseys, beer mugs with sports emblems, baseball caps, key chains, car flags, team calendars…these are souvenir items that may seem passé and trifles to non-sports fans, but can mean a lot to real lovers of the game. To add a personal and extra caring touch, hand pick souvenir items of somebody’s favorite team or sports figure, and place them in a festive holiday container like a Christmas basket or stocking before presenting them under the Christmas tree or hanging the loot near the fireplace.


Just because these people pay more attention to the score of a game then checking heir Christmas list, it does not mean that they should be without a gift or two.