World's Best Christmas Parades

World's Best Christmas ParadesIf movies, carols and scent of pine trees aren’t enough to bring that jovial Christmas mood then perhaps a colorful and vibrant parade would be ideal in establishing that festive mood. As such, Tree Time Christmas has searched the world over and compiled a list of the best Christmas parades around the world.

Surrey’s Parade of Lights, British Columbia, Canada

Originally planned to support a Christmas Lighting Display in 2000, Surrey’s Santa Parade of Lights has attracted many visitors. The parade features several colorful floats decked in dazzling lights.

The Parade of the Holy Pilgrims, Mexico

The week before Christmas, children in various neighborhoods in Mexico reenact the Nativity Scene. Headed by the “Virgin Mary” and “St. Joseph”, they are followed by other children dressed as angels or shepherds. They go from house to house seeking shelter but are always turned down. Eventually, they reach a stable where they are invited to say thus, ending the procession. This is a 400-year old tradition where the parade is capped by merrymaking and a game of piñata.

Valkenburg Christmas Parade, Holland

The Christmas parade in medieval town of Valkenburg attracts thousands of spectators each year. Meant to complement the Dutch city’s flurry of Christmas activities, the parade is a marvel. Followers can be awed by the costumes, floats and other details that participants have taken in ensuring this event’s unique pageantry.

Sydney Christmas Parade, Australia

This parade ushers in the Holiday season in Australia. Created to bring back the spirit of Christmas, the Sydney Christmas Parade is a large, annual event participated in by the city’s commercial centers, charities, organizations and communities.

Featuring colorful balloons, floats and the parade’s King and Queen; The Sydney Christmas Parade is a colorful event that celebrates Christmas and the diversity of the city as well.

Macy’s Day Parade, New York City

Also known as Macy’s Thanksgiving Christmas Day Parade, this annual event was started in 1924 by Macy’s department store. The first parade was organized for the Macy’s migrant employees and was intended to celebrate American thanksgiving with the same flavor as that of European festivities.

Almost a century later, the parade signals the start of the Christmas season in New York and attracts a significant amount of celebrities. Aside from its famous costumes, floats and balloons, the three hour parade hosts a number of independent and mainstream musicians all geared into welcoming the joys of the season.

Aside from valuing peace, love and understanding; Christmas is a fun time and it is only ideal that it should be ushered in by an equally joyous parade.