World's Best Names for Santa

World's Best Names for SantaChristmas is a widely celebrated season and countries all around the world have their own unique ways of celebrating. When we think of the word Christmas, a lot of things come to mind. But when asked to describe what best embodies Christmas, most people would probably have one resounding answer – Santa Claus.

Santa Claus will always be that image of a jolly, bearded fellow who comes bearing gifts on Christmas. He is a fascinating idea for children and a wonderful memory (or secret identity) for adults. He comes by way of several reindeers pulling on a sled and goes down by the chimney stack to leave presents under the Christmas tree. Beloved everywhere, Santa Claus has different names in different countries. Here are some of the names that he is called in different parts of the world.

Papai Noel

Santa Claus is known as Papai Noel in Brazil. According to Brazilian stories, Papai Noel lives in Greenland. The notion of a Papai Noel was imported from North America and became popular during the 60s and the 70s. It is said that Papai Noel usually arrives in Brazil wearing breezy silk clothing due to the warm, tropical temperatures of Brazil.


Literally translated, DyadoKoleda means Grandfather Christmas in English. Unlike the common tradition of Santa Claus secretly delivering gifts and placing them under the tree, the DyadoKoledaof Bulgaria delivers his gifts in person during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Viejo Pascuero

The Viejo Pascuero of Chile is very similar to the Santa Claus of the United States. He is usually represented on a sleigh pulled by reindeers. But instead of coming down by the chimney stack, the Viejo Pascuero enters the house through the window. The direct translation of the name Viejo Pascuero is Old Man Christmas.

Dun Che Lao Ren

Dun Che Lao Ren or Christmas Old Man is the Chinese name for Santa Claus. Chinese children hang special Christmas stockings where the Dun Che Lao Ren can place the gifts. He is represented carrying a wicker basket full of gifts.

St. Basil

In Greece, instead of Santa Claus, the primary gift giver is St. Basil. The similarity between St. Basil and Santa Claus is that he also comes down from a chimney. Greek families usually leave a log on the fireplace so that St. Basil has a place to step on when he goes down the chimney and leaves Christmas presents underneath the tree. St. Basil, however, unlike Santa Claus, appears on December 29, the night before St. Basil’s Day.


Italy has different representations of the Christmas gift giver but its most popular gift giver is of the BabboNatale. The name means Father Christmas and the BabboNatale usually comes bearing gifts for little children during Christmas Eve.

Goedoe Pa

Suriname is a country in South America and they celebrate the famous gift giver with the name Goedoe Pa. Children put out their shoes on the front door and the Goedoe Pa places their presents beside their shoes.The Goedoe Pa leaves presents for children on the eve of December 6th.


The Dutch Santa Claus, also known as the Sinterklaas, arrives by boat in the Netherlands. Children are supposed to leave their shoes on the eve of December 6th for the Sinterklaas. The shoes are filled with hay and carrots for the donkey who accompanies Sinterklaas as he delivers their gifts.

Father Christmas

In the United Kingdom, Father Christmas is a stern version of Santa Claus. He comes bearing gifts on the eve of Christmas.


In the Czech Republic, the Christkind or the Child Christ, comes bearing gifts on Christmas Eve. Gifts are usually given immediately after dinner. According to stories, the Christkind places his gifts under the tree as the family is having dinner. A bell rings to signify that the Christkind has come to the house and is now placing his gifts underneath the tree. Children are only allowed to go to the Christmas tree after the Christkind has finished placing the gifts on the tree.

Santa Claus may have different names in many parts around the world, but one thing common is that he spends a lot of tree time during Christmas Eve or the days before and after that (depending on which country you’re in).

Despite all the different names, we must remember the more important reason for his existence. Santa Claus reminds us of the spirit of giving and that Christmas is best celebrated when celebrate it with the ones we love. At Tree Time Christmas, we think the spirit of giving and togetherness should be kept alive not just during the Christmas season, but always and everyday.